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How will you increase your company's value this year?

Imagine having access to seasoned business owners and veteran consultants who have all been where you are today. With a laser focus on creating and sustaining enterprise value, Strategy Partners Group teams with C-suite's to design and support strategic value enhancing initiatives throughout your organization. Let’s create a plan to generate more revenue, profit, and long-term value. Schedule your call today.

Experienced Operators

Our team of CFOs, business consultants and C-Suite advisors has been in your shoes. Whether navigating the complexities of an acquisition or building enterprise value in your company, we have decades of practical operations experience ready to be leveraged for your company to drive results and ROI.

Integrated Consulting Services

No more hiring a new consultant for each business need. Our multi-discipline team ensures that all of your strategic initiatives are working in harmony to achieve your value growth targets.

all for one

Meeting your specific needs is paramount to quality service. Our expansive partner network ensures we have the right expertise, at the right time, for your business. When you hire one Strategic Partners Group consultant, you gain access to the expertise of our entire network.

Easy to work with

Our unique platform provides support across all operational disciplines which makes it easy for your C-suite to solve all their consulting needs with a single contract and a single engagement owner. Easy to engage, easy to manage, easy to succeed.

Measurable Value Growth for the C-Suite

Tired of daily operations taking priority over strategic actions? Lacking the internal know-how to design or execute on value growth initiatives?  We can provide expert consultants to fill the gaps, develop the plan with you, and train your management and staff how to execute and iterate on value improvement.

Increased Deal Support for Private Equity

From pre-deal data prep, risk management, and due diligence, through development of the APA or SPA, to the final post acquisition integration, we work with the PE firm and acquisition target to speed and increase deal flow.

Operations and Accounting Support

Many organizations are resource constrained or lack senior financial and operational leadership and oversight.  We recruit and retain former C-suite executives to supplement your company’s needs.

Our Experience Becomes Your Experience

Want to be a part of something incredible?

Contact us now. Let's talk about how we can support you and your financial future.