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Strategy Partners Group Founding Partner, Frank Harris, Announced as New ACG Tampa Bay Board Member

Harris is one of several new board members to serve as leaders for the ACG Tampa Bay Chapter.

In September 2023, the ACG Tampa Bay Chapter (Association for Corporate Growth) announced one of their newest members to their board of directors, Frank Harris, a Founding Partner of Strategy Partners Group, LLC. After being nominated by Sherry Smith, who is the Chapter Executive, Harris was looking forward to joining other ACG Tampa Bay board members he had come to know and respect.

Harris joined the ACG Tampa Bay Chapter in March of 2020. After realizing the value of meeting people in the chapter, he volunteered on the Sarasota Committee and the Membership Committee. Harris currently serves on the 2023 Florida Capital Connection Committee.

When asked what he liked most about being involved with ACG, Harris shared, “It’s the people, the events and the access.” He further explained, “The members are great people who are open to networking, making connections and looking for opportunities to support each other. All the Tampa events are well organized, frequent, diverse and valuable for knowledge building. And ACG is more than just a local association. There are events across the country open to members. Members have access to the national network of ACG members.”

About ACG Tampa Bay

The Tampa Bay Chapter of the International Association for Corporate Growth is the premier organization for business leaders in the Tampa Bay area. Providing high-quality networking and information on corporate growth best practices, ACG Tampa Bay attracts the area’s top private equity groups, corporate executives, financial intermediaries, attorneys, accountants, commercial and investment bankers, valuation specialists, and other professionals as members. Programs present industry experts who offer objective, real-time information in a collaborative, professional setting that supports corporate growth and operational excellence.

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Strategy Partners Group is an Atlanta-based team of experts who help companies overcome challenges to achieve desired corporate goals and complete successful equity transactions. Along with our highly reputable channel partners, clients benefit from our accelerated capabilities and our engaged team of experts to strategically support our clients’ operational and financial goals.

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